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The Krakow Festival Office is the operator of the ICE Krakow Congress Centre.


The Krakow Festival Office is the direct continuator of the work and mission of the Krakow 2000 Festival Office established in 1997 to organise a series of events emphasising Krakow's role as the European City of Culture. Just like then, all the more today, the tasks that the KFO sets itself do not come down only to the annual organisation of over a dozen large and several dozen smaller undertakings of various nature. Organisational efficiency and the ability to build the festival brand of an international dimension from scratch constitute the strength and prestige of cultural institutions, but the entire spectrum of the Office's activity in various fields, presented on the following pages, proves its role as the key factor for the realisation of municipal cultural strategies.

A natural consequence of such an approach is an expansion of the KFO's purely organisational activity by including the development of the creative industries, cultural tourism, the meetings industry, and the free-time industry. Examples of programmes such as Krakow – City of Literature and Reading Malopolska, the activity of the Krakow Film Commission and the Krakow Regional Film Fund, as well as the management of a large tourist information structure and the ICE Kraków Congress Centre show important directions in the development of the KFO initiated in the recent years. It is worth emphasising that these activities are not carried out in isolation from the surrounding reality: to the contrary, many initiatives are created in cooperation with relevant environments, and the compromise reached in this way enables further partnership cooperation. This, in turn, allows the Krakow Festival Office to be perceived as an initiator of a network of connections, within which municipal and central institutions, as well as non-governmental organisations, but also commercial companies, may contact one another and communicate on the culture – knowledge – innovation – business plane. Also the model of organising large events changes around a network created in this way – an example of which may be the Conrad Festival.

Human rights and minority rights campaigns, engaging the local communities, for instance by introducing contemporary art into the public space, but also campaigns opening doors to all those who may have felt excluded before – such priorities make the KFO an active participant of the process of building a civic society.

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Project co-financed by the European Union as part of the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013



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