15th anniversary of Neo-Nówka at ICE Kraków

Come to the exceptional anniversary concert of Neo-Nówka cabaret, summing up t

he 15 years of artistic activity of the group from Wrocław. The programme will comprise the group’s greatest hits, 

including Niebo, selected by the audiences as a top sketch of the last 30 years, or the non-compromising Mrs. Wandzia Nierusz, nee Zostaw, who can weather even the most inconvenient situations. Neo-Nówka also prepared some surprises, which will complement the show. The musical illustration will be provided by Żarówki, a band which for years has been cooperating with the group.
You simply have to see this. Do not forget about presents - after all, it is a birthday celebration!

29.10.2016, at 5.00 p.m.
Tickets are available at BiletyNaKabarety.pl


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