1st Krakow Congress of Medical Tourism

Tourism is not only long distance travels to the sunny regions of the world, but also trips intended to improve one's health. What is Krakow's potential in this area, and how to use it, will be discussed by the participants of the 1st Krakow Congress of Medical Tourism. The organizer of the meeting on 13-14 October at the Congress Centre ICE Krakow is the City of Krakow, Krakow Festival Office and ZIZ Education Centre.

The main purpose of medical tourism is improving one's health or beauty; it is a combination of therapy and sightseeing. According to the Polish Association of Medical Tourism, more than 300 000 patients have taken advantage of this form of travel to Poland in 2012, and the development of this sector continues.

The pilot conference on medical tourism will help to assess the opportunities and challenges for Krakow in this field. The medical and tourism Industry experts will discuss, among others, the mobility of medical staff and patients in the European Union, the quality of patient care as a criterion for the selection of providers, the patients' expectations and the possibilities of their fulfillment, the place of Poland on the European medical tourism market or the report on the condition of medical tourism in Krakow.

The event's patrons are the Polish Tourist Organization, Cracow Chamber of Tourism, Malopolska Tourist Organization and the Polish Association of Medical Tourism.

1st Krakow Congress of Medical Tourism
13-14 October 2016
Congress Centre ICE Krakow


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