24 congresses and conferences at ICE Kraków!

Poland is a market that has been only recently discovered by international associations and companies specializing in congress and conference organization. It is a competitive market, because Poland, and first of all Krakow, have a rich cultural and historical heritage, modern facilities, and on top of that, its good PLN exchange rate along with political and economic situation create a favourable climate for the organization of congresses and conferences in the country on the Vistula. The ICE Kraków Congress Centre discloses its plans for 2017, announcing 22 conferences and congresses. However, these are by no means all upcoming events to be held in the city at the foot of the Wawel Castle. Negotiations with prospective partners and the signing of contracts for further events are still underway.

Poland has few such facilities which from the design stage have been conceived as congress venues. They include ICE Kraków, the Lublin Conference Centre and the International Congress Centre in Katowice. Now Gdańsk also has similar facilities. Warsaw does not have such a top-class congress centre, though it does have many conference or congress venues. However the most prestigious, international congresses need equally high-class facilities.

The organization of great events by international associations and organizations is based on economic calculation. There is big money behind the meetings industry, so we should be aware that no one organizes congresses pro bono. However costs are not the only factors event organizers take into account.

Transport access, proximity to the airport, tourist attractions, hotel facilities and catering services also matter. Many factors influence the choice of a conference venue. Krakow has them all.

The capital of Małopolska offers much more than other cities. Besides, Krakow is the best world recognizable Polish brand as far as cities are concerned. Time has come to build Krakow’s position as Polish leader of the meetings industry. A report drawn up by the Poland Convention Bureau (Polskie Biuro Kongresów) that covers MICE in Poland in 2015 shows that Krakow is ranked second in Poland in the context of meetings organization, and first as far as congresses are concerned. Now we are awaiting for 2016 results. There is no doubt that organization of congresses is a perfect tool for the promotion of the city.

Following the Media Monitoring Institute, last year alone, the name of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre appeared in the traditional and electronic media over 14 600 times! Radio and TV coverage is not included, so the Centre was in fact mentioned much more often. Here we talk only about the press and electronic media coverage. Every news about events at ICE Kraków promotes the city, because the name of the capital of Małopolska is also mentioned.

We should also take note of the KRAKÓW NETWORK initiative. The project, in some ways shows the directions of the city promotion as a congress destination. The idea behind the project is to bring together representatives of sectors and businesses which operate in the area of attracting international MICE industry events to such facilities as ICE Kraków.

Immediate effects of the Kraków Network’s activity are already visible – this year Krakow will host a Gala of Ambassadors of Polish Congresses. The organizers of the Gala, i.e. Polish Tourism Organisation and Conferences and Congresses in Poland Association chose ICE Kraków as a venue for the Gala. On 14 September 2017 researchers who attract new congresses and conferences to Poland will receive awards. Some of them come from Krakow.



IN ICE KRAKÓW (as at 6.03.2017)

FutureNet World Convention


11 March 2017

Expo FxCuffs 2017 3rd International Investment Conference


24-25 March 2017

3rd European Congress of Local Governments


27-28 March 2017

2nd European Conference on Pharmaceutics


3-4 April 2017

10th Conference Surgical of Medycyna Praktyczna


7-8 April 2017

Intensive Care – challenges and treatment of critically ill patients


7-8 April 2017 r.

Controversies in Psychiatry 2017

9th National Science and Training Conference


21-22 April 2017

3rd International Congress on Ethics and Tourism


27-28 April 2017

ICE Kraków Congress Centre

McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine


12-13 May 2017

Neutron and Ion Dosimetry Symposium NEUDOS13


14-19 May 2017

Digital Dragons Biggest game industry conference in Central Europe


22-23 May 2017

Progress in Internal Diseases INTERNA 2017


26-27 May 2017

Watercoolers Europe 2017


26-27 May 2017

Impact’17 Poland’s most important event devoted to Economy 4.0


31 May and 1 June 2017

European Lotteries Congress 2017



Devoxx Poland Explore Java World


21-23 June 2017

41st session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee


2-12 July 2017

EDTNA/ERCA International Conference



Krakow Pediatric Autumn 2017 – 16th National Training Conference


22-23 September 2017 r.

68th Congress of the Association of Polish Surgeons


27-30 September 2017

Medical Tourism Congress

12-13 October 2017

Family Medicine – Novelties and Practice 2017


17-18 November 2017

Gynaceology and Obstetrics 2017 – 14th National Training Conference


24-15 November 2017

New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology


6-8 December 2017

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