A Fire in a Brothel

During a night-time vote, the Sejm grants millions from the 2017 budget to fund a controversial infertility treatment – natio-technology. Natio-business becomes the main branch of the economy, and branches of the Patriot Factory are established all around Poland. Poznań, Szczecin, Katowice, Krakow, Warsaw and Wrocław – there, in centres designed by the best architects, Polish women will give birth and raise new generations – in front of an audience. The Patriot Factories are not only a demographic investment, but also a patriotic reality show, full of blood-chilling births, striking possessions and conversions, and above all, characters all of Poland will love.

Can’t cope after a divorce? Are you single but dream of having a family? Do you want to devote your life to something, but don’t know what? Join the community. Start a revolution. Fulfil the ancestral dream of a Great Poland. Come to work at the Patriot Factory.

Are you ready?

Tickets go on sale 7 November 2016 Tickets are available here.

A Fire in a Brothel (Pożar w Burdelu) is a political and literary cabaret, which since 2012 has no equal when it comes to the artistic and musical level, the degree of timeliness, and the kinds of uncompromising jokes. Founded, written and led by dramatist and director Michał Walczak and historian Maciej Łubieński, the cabaret has produced 32 full length shows to date, each of which was an eagerly awaited theatrical event in Warsaw. The show has won the Grand Prix and the Audience Award at the 20th Talia Comedy Festival, the Crystal Mirror Award, the Warsaw Wdechy Award, and many other distinctions.

The hottest product in the country. A dozen actors. The phenomenal BurdelBand and the rebellious Żelazne Waginy (Iron Vaginas) live. BurdelTV – the only real television in the country. Bells and whistles, a circus of magic and tricks, and above all, fervent patriotism and concern for the Homeland at an affordable price.

Don’t be indifferent – the Patriot Factory awaits.

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