A new ICCA ranking is here!


We had a possibility to look into ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) Country & city rankings 2012. This recently published summary of 2012 international association meetings market brings positive news to a polish reader. 150 meetings organized in Poland permit us to take the 25th position in the ranking. The 150 meetings is only 15 less than the year before. Nonetheless, it seems legitimate to assume that Euro 2012 could have been the reason for organizers not take their events to the football-euphoric Poland and the decrease could have been more drastic.

Krakow can be found on the 16th position of the European cities ranking having 39 meetings. This means we had organized only one meeting less comparing to 2011. Krakow still remains the second polish meetings destination (after Warsaw) and the result places it higher than such great destinations as New York, Moscow, Venice or St. Petersburg.

From the 150 meetings organized in Poland: 46 took place in the Capital, 39 in Krakow, 15 in Gdańsk and 15 in Poznań, 7 in Wrocław and that leaves 28 meetings to the other polish cities. 

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