A time of business conferences in ICE Kraków!

The next few months in ICE Kraków will be filled with talks on business, development and innovation. Here comes the time full of conferences, lectures, speeches and fairs. Krakow will be honoured by the presence of speakers from around the world!
The Final Gala of the 2nd edition of the Moda Bez Ograniczeń [Unlimited Fashion] project, 'Ślepcy' [‘The Blind’] - a performance of the KTO Theatre, a concert by Steven Wilson, COMA with Symphony Orchestra or ICE Kraków Instameet – these are only some examples of the cultural and social function fulfilled by ICE Kraków. However, the Congress Centre is not only entertainment – one of the basic aims of functioning of this facility is to attract representatives of various branches of economy as well as entrepreneurs and investors to Krakow.

During the next few weeks, ICE Kraków will host a number of events, such as the 3rd European Labour Mobility Congress, the ASPIRE conference (Act local win global), the 6th ASBL (Association of Business Service Leaders) Conference or INTARG Fair of Economic and Scientific Innovations.

 Events in ICE Kraków involve also outstanding guests from around the world! Tony Blair – Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1997-2007, Marianne Thyssen – EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Skills, Maciej Szpunar - Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the EU, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz – Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Will Whitehorn - the former President of Virgin Galactic. These are only some names of outstanding speakers whose presence will add splendour to the upcoming congresses and conferences.

Upcoming events in ICE Kraków:

  • The 23rd-24th of April 2015 The European Labour Mobility Congress

The 3rd European Labour Mobility Congress is a two-day event addressed to persons interested in the issue of delegation of employees as a part of provision of services. The aim of the Congress is to provide its participants with practical and reliable knowledge on the proper understanding of the law applicable in this respect. Participants will obtain information about changes that will affect the freedom of provision of services on the European market in the next few years. This Congress will consist of discussion panels, expert speeches and practical workshops.

Speakers of the 3rd ELMC will be the most important Polish and EU decision-makers and outstanding experts in the labour law and the co-ordination of social security systems. An exceptional speech will be delivered by a special guest - Marianne Thyssen, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility.

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  • The 20th-21st May of 2015 ASPIRE, ACT LOCAL WIN GLOBAL

For the first time in 100 years, Krakow is again home to young and ambitious representatives of the middle class with high aspirations. This brings forth the question and the leading motif of this year’s ASPIRE Conference: How Far Can We Go? – How far will we reach? The event will be divided into four sectors:

  • ASPIRE 4 KIDS – workshops for the community on the 20th of May 2015. An afternoon full of learning and fun under the auspices of Children’s University for primary school pupils from the region.
  • ASPIRE 4 ALL – an open event on the 20th of May 2015. A frequently recognised event for outstanding young people creating the IT and advanced business service industry. An evening of inspiring speeches, surprising facts and moving stories.
  • ACTING LOCAL – an industry summit on the 21st of May 2015. A voice of the outsourcing, business services and IT sector in the matter of challenges and opportunities arising on the horizon. A day filled with presentations, discussion panels and workshops.
  • INSIDE OUT – a vernissage on the 20th-21st of May 2015. Portraits of the sector and its impact on the landscape of Krakow, including the intellectual one.

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  • The 16th-17th of June 2015 The 6th edition of the ASBL (Association of Business Service Leaders) conference

The power of Europe – Poland as the unquestionable leader on the European market of business services - this is the leading motif of the two-day conference during which 80 speakers and almost 1,000 participants will consider how to make use of the position of Poland as the European leader of modern services for the business sector.
During this year’s conference, speakers and guests will consider the following issues:

management of talents and support of the development of regional leaders on the way to global roles within (and outside) the sector,

  • ensuring of a stable and dynamic development of the sector in further decades,
  • support of the culture of innovation,
  • the use of modern technologies and a revolution in customers' expectations.

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  • The 25th-26th of June 2015 INTARG International Fair of Economic and Scientific Innovations

The mission of the fair is to stimulate the economy modernisation process by promoting inventions and businesses that create and use inventions and innovations and to create a platform for direct contacts and meetings between representatives of science, industry and the business environment and institutions supporting and financing research and development works.

The fair will be accompanied by a conference under the slogan: From concept to profit. The subject area of the conference block will be devoted mainly to the discussion of the new rules of financing of research for the benefit of innovative economy.The framework programme of the fair includes:

  • Exhibition of innovative solutions
  • Evaluation of innovative solutions by jury members
  • Conference 'From concept to profit’ with discussion of the rules of financing of Innovations in Poland
  • Business talks and meetings
  • Gala: awarding of medals and distinctions and announcement of results of competitions: ‘INNOVATION LEADER’ and ‘YOUNG INVENTOR’

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