A Wedding in Ojców at ICE Kraków!

Join us for Dance Day with Cracovia Danza, which will include a performance of Karol Kurpiński’s A Wedding in Ojców, the first Polish national ballet. The showing of the performance on the occasion of the celebration of dance is a tribute to artists, who have for years made the art of ballet famous, and a tribute to the creators of this unique art.

ICE Kraków invites you on behalf of the organiser – Cracovia Danza.

Last year, Cracovia Danza brought A Wedding in Ojców out of several decades of being forgotten, staging a premiere at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice and at the Teatr Ludowy in Krakow. During the spectacle, the magnificent mazur, krakowiak, polka and march dances are presented by Cracovia Danza in their full glory. Leszek Rembowski’s choreography is based on archival records of Polish dances. Another important element of the spectacle is the music performed by an orchestra and the traditional wedding songs performed in the white voice singing technique by Magdalena Wieczorek-Duchewicz.

“Leszek Rembowski’s graceful choreography, the colourful costumes by Zofia de Ines, and her and Tomasz Chlanda’s ingenious stage design came together beautifully, creating a spectacle that engaged and delighted the eyes. A good musical complement to the ballet were the old folk wedding songs performed in the white voice singing technique by Magdalena Wieczorek-Duchewicz”, Anna Woźniakowska wrote in PolskaMuza.eu after the Krakow premiere.

It is worth recalling that the dance tale about a wedding in Ojców near Krakow had its premiere at the National Theatre in Warsaw in 1823, and became a manifestation of Polishness. The show was a stage hit; in the 19th century, it was staged over 400 times in Warsaw. Its popularity was so great that the dances from the performance became popular in salons and ballrooms.

The ballet was also staged abroad: in the 19th century, Polish dances conquered Russia thanks to it, and in the interwar period, it was performed in such places as New York and the Cote d’Azur. After the war, Polish theatres staged the ballet several times, while after 1989, it was performed only by the Mazowsze song and dance ensemble. Several presentations of the music from the ballet in concerts also took place.

Cracovia Danza’s A Wedding in Ojców performance will take place on the 16th of May at 7 PM at the ICE Kraków, with the accompaniment of The Violin Consort under the direction of Zbigniew Pilch, as part of the Dance Day with Cracovia Danza celebrations.

The show is also part of the 10-year jubilee of Cracovia Danza. Admission is free with the presentation of tickets distributed through www.cracoviadanza.pl. 

The jubilee year of Cracovia Danza has been taken under the honorary patronage of Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Krakow.

Media patrons of the jubilee year:

Rzeczpospolita, Dziennik Polski, TVP3 Kraków, Radio Kraków, Gość Niedzielny, TaniecPolska.pl, Taniec Quarterly, Kraków Monthly, GlobMedium.com, CzasDzieci.pl, PolskaMuza.eu
Editing supervision: Karnet
A Wedding in Ojców
music: Karol Kurpiński, Józef Damse
staging and choreography: Leszek Rembowski
choreographer’s assistant: Dariusz Brojek
costumes: Zofia de Ines
stage design: Zofia de Ines, Tomasz Chlanda
musical direction: Zbigniew Pilch 


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