Absolvent Talent Days w ICE Kraków

Absolvent Talent Days – the biggest employment and internship fair –will be held in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre on the 10th of March. This will be an opportunity to meet and talk to many employers from Poland.

Apart from that, Absolvent Talent Days is a platform for mutual communication and sharing of career-related experiences. During discussion panels and individual lectures, experts will advise young people how to climb the career stairs successfully.

We invite you to take part in discussion panels involving presidents of the biggest Polish companies. Open up to inspirations and begin to build your career consciously!

During the event, you can:

·         take a free photograph of yourself for your CV,

·         submit your application documents for consultation,

·         take part in workshops organised by the best employers

·         establish new valuable contacts

To learn more about the event, visit: talentdays.pl


Media contact

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Media contact

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