An intensive start to the year at ICE Krakow’s construction site

It's right time to see, what's happening at the ICE Kraków- Congress Centre's construction site! We present you the report with an accurate description of the work that have been done since the beginning of the year.


In the Foyer, work related to the hydrant system, ventilation and air conditioning system continued. A Kalzip roof covering was installed. Work underground (garages) continued on electricity, weak current, water and sewage and hydrant systems, a cooling installation, sprinkler, ventilation and air conditioning systems, central heating and process heating systems and they are now close to completion. On both storeys, work on applying resin and silicone on floors and the expansion of joint profiles continued. The plastering of the diaphragm wall and the assembling of luminaires were in progress. A heat exchanger and transformer stations (the installation and assembly of equipment) were being built.

The construction of a ceramic, ventilated building façade (the western, northern and southern parts of the facility) was underway. The assembly of windows at the western, northern, and southern façades was completed. The structure for the glass façade was mounted. Work on the roof heating installation began. The BMS (building management system) was in progress.


Here you can find the newest photos from the begining of 2014 from the ICE Kraków Congress Centre's construction site.


We would like to remind you that you may follow the progress of the works live thanks to three online cameras. Live feed from the cameras is available upon clicking the image below.  Come and have a look!

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