Anna Maria Jopek Minione(The Bygone) at ICE Kraków on 31 March!

The acclaimed vocalist will visit ICE Kraków on 31 March to promote her most recent album Minione.

After her exploration of Japanese music (Haiku) and music of Portuguese-speaking countries (Sobremesa), this time Anna Maria Jopek will sing in Polish with Cubans. Her record Minione which will premiere on the Lovers;’ Day revives the most beautiful Polish pre-war tangos. Anna Maria Jopek sings them with a Cuban trio led by one of the greatest improvising pianists of our time – the phenomenal Gonzalo Rubalcaba.

Artists selected the most inspiring old tangos and boleros from hundreds music pieces  (e.g. It Is the Last Sunday, Rebecca, Your Lips  Lie), to build a bridge between the past, the world of the 1930s, and modern music – the bridge between cultures – Polish, Cuban, Jewish , Argentinean and American.

”When I work with musicians of musical traditions different from mine, I am always fascinated by they different backgrounds. Whet they contribute to the recording, it enriches me spiritually. I am amazed by their enormous beauty at the crossroads of cultural and human sensitivities. Music is a language of unity”- says Anna Maria Jopek.”Working on old tangos was magical. Only rarely do we happen to find a material of such a beauty, filled with melancholy, mystery and  erotic appeal. Recording with Gonzalo is a purely mystical experience.  The presence of his personality in every note teaches us mindfulness and humility”.

Minione  was produced and arranged by Gonzalo Rubalcaba. The album, up to the highest audiophile standard, was produced at the legendary The Hit Factory in Miami, Florida, by many times Grammy award-winning Carlos Alvarez. The release of the record is accompanied by a concert tour of the biggest cities in Poland.

Anna Maria Jopek MINIONE

31 March 2017, 8:00 pm

ICE Kraków, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17, Kraków

Ticket prices: PLN: 99 (Zone C),  PLN 129 (Zone B), PLN 169 (Zone A)



Tickets on sale at:,,, at  Empik and Saturn shops.

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