Another edition of Youth in Leadership at ICE Kraków

How to be a successful leader in dynamically changing times? How to prepare for rapid growth of a project and handle setbacks? How to lead a team so that it eagerly works towards its goals? You will be able to ask these and other questions of the best leaders in the country and abroad, including Cezary Wójcik – the director of the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the founder of the Center for Leadership and a graduate of leadership development programmes at Harvard. The conference will take place on 26 April at ICE Kraków. The Krakow Festival Office is a partner of the event.

Cezary Wójcik – a committed professor, whose dream is to create a world-class university in Poland. A place where outstanding young Poles, guided by positive values, will realise their potential and create solutions for a better future. Cezary Wójcik is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone who stands at the head of an organisation, manages a group of people, is or aspires to being a leader, and dreams of their enterprise changing the world.

Thanks to the conference Youth in Leadership, created as part of a Flying Mind Foundation initiative, nearly 300 people will have the chance to meet with Wójcik and other valuable leaders on 25 April at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

In the audience of Youth in Leadership are start-up owners, founders of dynamically developing NGOs, young scientists and students who are changing the world of Polish universities, as well as local activists. In other words, people who want to shape their leadership skills. To provide them with the best source of knowledge and inspiration, every year, we invite the best leaders both from Poland and abroad. Their full list will soon be published on the initiative’s website,” says Maciej Ujejski, organiser and originator of Youth in Leadership.

This year, each participant will have a chance to take part in our Leadership 3D workshops led by Prof. Cezary Wójcik. During the two hour training session, participants will have to face real situations that every leader of a growing institution sooner or later faces. The examples have been taken from Harvard Business School, and the open discussion led by Wójcik will spur the young leaders to jointly create solutions for the difficult situations they will face.

“Being a leader is an extremely difficult challenge. Everyone who consciously puts themselves in that role has to reckon with the fact that often, they will be alone when they struggle with the difficulties and the responsibilities resting on their shoulders. Our conference is an excellent chance to exchange experiences, but most of all, it is a place to recharge and draw inspiration for another year’s challenges,” adds Ujejski.

Youth in Leadership is once again supported by the Consulate General of the United States in Krakow. This year, the Krakow Festival Office joins the circle of the Main Partners. 

The project is organised by the Flying Mind Foundation and the Center for Leadership.


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