Arturo Sandoval in the ICE Kraków

An important event will take place in February 2018 – the world jazz legend Arturo Sandoval will visit Poland. Still in good shape and recording albums, despite his age. The latest record is based on compositions by the Mexican romantic author Armando Manzanero. Do not miss the meeting with a dream – on 15 February in Krakow and 17 February in Poznań!

The future virtuoso was born in Cuba, Artemisa Province. He discovered his talent in childhood and sharpened his skills in a local band at the age of 13. After several years, he was finally sure of his love for the trumpet and jazz to become a performer in the Cuban National Orchestra when he was 16. He seems to have been destined for popularity. After a brief stint in the group, he established his own band whose concerts attracted massive waves of audiences seeking to hear Sandoval play at all costs. Where does the secret of Sandoval’s success lie? Undoubtedly in his talent (he is able to use a uniquely increased range of a trumpet). It also lies in his creative courage – Arturo is open to experimentation. Apart from classics, he performs fiery Latin jazz and covers of contemporary songs. He co-performed with popular culture celebrities, like Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake. He boasts a collection of 19 Grammy nominations (including 10 winnings), 6 Billboard Awards, an Emmy for the soundtrack to the film based on his life “For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story” (starring Andy Garcia).

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