Beauty and the Beast ON ICE and Snow White ON ICE at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre!

On 13th and 14th December, less than two moths after its opening, the ICE Kraków Congress Centre will be the venue for other cultural events – two impressive shows on ice: Beauty and the Beast ON ICE and Snow White ON ICE, organized b y Makroconcert! The shows were produced by the Wild Rose UK Production. Soon the world famous skaters will host in Krakow to give their very special shows. 

The ICE Kraków Congress Centre will host not only meetings industry events. In addition to tourism business events, the Centre will be the venue for cultural events, including the shows addressed to the youngest spectators. We invite you to two unique performances: Beauty and the Beast ON ICE and Snow White ON ICE already in December this year – says Izabela Helbin, Director of the Krakow Festival Office, the operator of the Congress Centre. A true skating rink will be created in the Auditorium Hall specially on that occasion, with starring professional skaters. The ICE Kraków has been built up to the highest standards, so we can also host such high-tech shows. The power of imagination is the only limit for us in organizing such events – adds Director Helbin.

After last year’s great success of Peter Pan ON ICE, Wild Rose UK Production now returns to Poland with two performances: a new exquisite show – Snow White ON ICE and Beauty and the Beast ON ICE. The stunning stage set, artistic choreography, breathtaking evolutions performed by the masters of figure skating, costumes and props dazzle with sheer beauty and elegance.

The Snow White ON ICE show has a fine music composed by Silvio Amato. The history of the beautiful princess is an unforgettable experience to the youngest audience. The marvellous show on ice has already captivated the spectators in Great Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and other countries. This year the Polish audience will join in. Beauty and the Beast ON ICE is a really mesmerizing show. Its masterly choreography was created by Giuseppe Arena, who prepared the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in 2006. The beautiful music, also composed by Silvio Amato, adds to the beauty of the spectacle. The show may be safely ranked among the best interpretations of this charming story. Both shows will be offered already in December at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre!

Snow White ON ICE is a story about the beautiful princess, admired for her snow-white complexion and ebony black hair. The subtle beauty of Snow White captivates every resident of the castle except her jealous step-mother, who is trying to get rid of her on many occasions. Snow White flees from the castle and happens to wander to the friendly hut of seven hard-working woodcutters. But soon after that, her wicked step-mother manages to poison the beautiful princess. When it seems that there is no longer hope for Snow White, a mysterious prince comes to the rescue and wakes the princess up. The fairy tale tells us that goodness and truthfulness always win and that friendship is one of the most important values in life.

Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful story, which will captivate everybody. The immortal classic among fairy tales and stories. The animated film on the basis of this story was the first Oscar-nominated cartoon. It was acclaimed as one of the best musicals of all times. This time our kids will be offered a live show on ice, the moving story of Beauty and the Beast told with the use of dance and music. Beauty and the Beast ON ICE raises great emotions. In the story, magic intertwines with reality, fear with longing and love with drama. It teaches us that wrong deeds and cruel treatment of people will be severely punished, but at the same time gives us hope that every guilt may be expiated. It also teaches us that we shouldn’t judge people on their appearance.

Both shows are staged with great panache. The dancers show true skating mastery and have trained form their youngest age under world-renowned instructors. Many of the dancers are former skating champions and this shows in their performance. The audiences looks in awe at evolutions , sequences and circus tricks performed on the ice stage. Fabulous costumes and props are perfectly designed , so both shows are more than spectacular. A short narration before each scene makes the plot easy to follow even by those who are unfamiliar with the story. The performances take the viewers to a fairy-tale world of friendship and love, where the good always win. The shows will seduce every spectator, regardless of age.

Snow White ON ICE
13.12.2014 – Krakow, ICE Krakow
 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm

Beauty and the Beast ON ICE
14.12.2014 – Krakow, ICE Krakow
 12.00 noon and 3:30 pm

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