BEREZKA at ICE Kraków on 5 November!

World-renowned BEREZKA ensemble was set up in 1948. It was founded by the famous Vilnius-born ballet mistress Nadezhda Nadezhina. A compressively educated artist started her career as a ballerina in the Bolshoi Theatre, then step by step climbed up in the hierarchy of Russian stage artists, and finally began to create choreography which was her lifetime ambition and mission.

In 1948 the audience at the Hermitage Theatre in Moscow saw for the first time a fantastic procession of girls dancing to the folk song Vo Pole Berezka Stoiala. They were amateur dancers but their performance enjoyed unexpectedly great success.

Other productions by already professional ensemble marked the beginning of its true world career: choreography to the famous "Berezka", "Swan", and ”Aurora", "Little Dove" or "The Chain" is sheer poetry and still unmatched artistry.

Watching the ensemble’s sets live on stage, the spectators are transported to the magical world of dance, legend and folk stories. Wonderful music complements the whole experience. Smooth, almost imperceptible steps by the Berezka ensemble show the dancers’ great, unique artistry, with the effect of "floating over the stage" admired all over the world.

Marvellous music and costumes add to the overall effect of performances. The world press always enthuses about the ensemble performances, usually commenting it with one word ”Mastery”!

Thousand of prizes, awards and honours for the ensemble that literally took world stages with a storm testify to its creativity, great imagination and professionalism.

As early as 5 November 2017, the audience at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre will have the opportunity to experience fantastic, magic moments with Berezka ensemble, to be carried away to a euphoric world of legend.

Don’t miss out!

"BEREZKA" at ICE Kraków

5 November 2017,15.00






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