Born to stir up emotions 40th Pod Budą Jubilee

An artist should move the audience, and a concert should be an intimate artist-viewer dialogue. This single sentence sums up what drives Grupa pod Budą’s leader, Andrzej Sikorowski.

An incredible 47 years of artistic career and more than 4,000 concerts. When asked what helps him attract myriads of fans to concerts, Andrzej Sikorowski answers without faltering: consistent style. Being faithful to yourself, to your message, which should always come straight from the heart. People detect falsehood immediately. I’m glad that my fans can still place their trust in me.

That’s the story of Grupa pod Budą, a band which emerged in 1977 from its namesake Krakow cabaret. Andrzej Sikorowski’s lyrics and music, and Jan Hnatowicz’s compositions have for years shaped the unique and distinct character of this band, which is recognizable from the very first note. Each song is about establishing very personal contact with other people and getting through straight to their souls.

Andrzej Sikorowski likes to say that one can write about anything, but he sings only about things he knows well. A three-minute song can contain as much as a 500-hundred-page book. The Grupa pod Budą’s 47-year-long musical history is free from artistic falsehood or any attempts to simplify and quickly accommodate to fleeting trends.

Grupa pod Budą wishes to thank its fans for their friendship and trust, and celebrate their 40th Jubilee together! Already on 7 March and 22 October 2018, ICE Krakow will invite its visitors to a truly musical experience. You will listen to your childhood and school time songs, the songs you still miss, and similar but new songs sung with Maja Sikorowska.

The Jubilee Concert is a unique event, and we need all fans to be there! Let us uphold the beautiful story of Grupa pod Budą, and you’re invited to become a part of it.

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