Cabaret Neo-Nówka will perform on October 27 at ICE Kraków!

Kazik sam w domu is the most recent programme of the Wrocław-based  Neo-Nówka cabaret. This time, the masters of witty riposte take the audience to the realistic world of everyday household occupations.

In this show, as suggested in its title, Neo-Nówka takes up the men’s world. It is an unconventional operating manual of a contemporary man. We learn how to deal with a guy , how a guy cannot handle  things, and how to solve this problem.

The leading theme of the programme is the story of an archetypical Polish family. The authors  added some songs to the programme, as a permanent element  and unquestionable asset of Neo-Nówka’s shows.

The artists summarise the programme in one sentence "every man is a Kazik of his own destiny”.

The programme is full of twists, funny, and there is a lot of truth in it. Neo-Nówka is still in full swing and doesn’t slack off. True mastery in its kind!

Kabaret Neo-Nówka

27.10.2017, 6.00 pm

Tickets at PLN 60 on sale on the following website:



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