If you’re thinking about a job change or are only planning your career, the Career EXPO is something for you! Join us for a job far on the 12th of April from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM at ICE Kraków.

When should we take the first serious look at our predispositions and assess them for suitability in our planned professional career? In what direction should we develop? What signals from the changing job market should we be on the lookout for, in order to react to them appropriately? What candidate’s attributes are “timeless” enough that it’s worth developing them no matter what our characteristics?

Each of these questions will be answered during a debate with the representatives of the highest levels of the HR departments from known and valued companies. Based on their experience, they will help to create a recipe for success based on the individual predispositions and talents of the candidates.

Meetings with specialists in many areas, consultations, lectures and presentations – all this and more at the Career EXPO, on the 12th of April!



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