On the 22nd of December at the ICE Kraków Centre, a charity concert for the Silent Angels will be held. All profits from the donation certificate ticket sales will be donated to helping children suffering from Rett Syndrome. Appearing will be Sinfonietta Cracovia, Grzegorz Majzel and the Inacy group, which will play the most beautiful Polish carols in new arrangements. The Mayor of the City of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, the President of the National Association for Helping Persons with Rett Syndrome, Piotr Wójcik and Councilwoman Katarzyna Pabian invite you to attend the concert.

“We want to tell you a story – a story about a heroic fight, about tears and laughter. About faith that gives people a new lease on life. About the fact that you should never give up, and always get back up, no matter how many times you fall down. The concert is also the story of three-time Olympian Mateusz Ligocki’s winning fight with the illness. He won the fight, and he won his dreams. Grzegorz Majzen composed “Teo-Mat: A dream of victory” for him. We will hear it performed by Sinfonietta Cracovia for the first time during the concert. It’s sure to be an emotional experience”, said Katarzyna Pabian.

Rett Syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder that affects mainly girls. It is a developmental disorder that causes progressive deterioration of the physical functioning and deepening mental disorders of the child. The clinical image of Rett Syndrome consists of several neurodevelopmental disorders, which in most cases lead to significant and profound physical disability, as well as significantly limiting the ability to communicate with the surroundings. One of the characteristics of the syndrome is the seemingly proper development of the child in the first six months or slightly longer (up to 18 months). Children affected by Rett Syndrome are born healthy and develop in a way that causes no concern to the parents. That is the drama of the syndrome – a child who has developed without concerns, and even began talking and walking, suddenly loses these abilities or stops developing further. Children with Rett syndrome do not speak, which is why they are called “silent angels”.

All profits from the sales of the donation certificate tickets will be donated to purchase computers for the National Association for People with Rett Syndrome. Special computers will help the affected children communicate with their surroundings – they can track eye movements and then determine what the child is looking at. This kind of equipment is the only way of attempting communication with an ill child.

The concert will be held on the 22nd of December at 7 PM at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. Donation certificate tickets for the concert for 30, 50 and 90 PLN are available at InfoKraków city information points: Św. Jana 2, Wyspiański Pavilion (Wszystkich Świętych 2), at the Cloth Hall (1/3 Market Square) and at the Tourist Service Centre (Powiśle 11). Cash only payments accepted.



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