Code Europe Cracow 2016

The largest programming conference. Free of charge for the first time in Poland!

Code Europe is the largest programming conference in Poland. Join 5,000 participants and gain knowledge from world-class IT specialists on 5 December at ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

Come and get access to a rich programme of events, including:

- 50 lectures;

- 30 technologies;

- 3 subject areas: Backend and Frontend, Mobile, Big Data.

Listen to our 70 speakers. Only the leaders of the IT industry:

- Douglas Crockford – world legend of JavaScript, Frontend guru, master of programming;

- Lars Klint – MS ecosystem enthusiast, HoloLens technology developer;

- Sven Ruppert – one of the greatest German Java specialists, and many more Check it out

Media contact

All journalists interested in the events organized in the ICE Kraków, please contact

Michał Zalewski
Media contact

Tel.: 0048 513 099 671 / 0048 12 354 23 20