Construction work progress at the Congress Centre as of February, 2014

 In February, at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre construction site, work was underway in the backroom facilities segment. This included work on power supply, sanitary and weak-current installations, as well as plastering and floor covering. The laying of wall tiles began in passageways, whilst the installation of the electroacoustic systems in Halls S3 and S4 continued. 

In the Auditorium Hall segment work on the construction of the secondary audience continued (now about to be completed), finishing work was completed, power and weak-current was being installed along with stage machinery. Work on electroacoustic systems started whilst work on the installation of hydrant and sprinkler systems continued.

In the Theatre Hall segment, plastering work, power supply, sanitary and weak-current installations were being carried out. The acoustic insulation of the ceilings and walls was underway. Work on the electroacoustic systems began.

In the Foyer segment, work on hydrant, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, as well as power supply and weak-current installations continued, in addition to the roof covering (Kalzip). The power supply, weak-current, water and sewage, hydrant, cooling systems, sprinkler, ventilation, air-conditioning, central heating and process heat systems continued on the underground levels (garages) and are now nearing an end. Plastering work on the diaphragm wall and fitting of light fixtures were underway. Work on the heat exchanger and trafo stations (executing installations and fitting the systems) continued. The ventilated ceramic façade of the Centre was being executed (western, northern and southern parts). The structure for the glass façade was constructed. Work on the roof heating installation and the building management system (BMS) also continued.


We would like to remind you that you may follow the progress of the works live thanks to three online cameras. Live feed from the cameras is available upon clicking the image below. 

Come and have a look!

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