Contract for ICE construction signed

For PLN 317 million, a Polish and Spanish consortium consisting of Warsaw-based Budimex SA and Madrid-based Ferrovial Agroman SA, will complete the second and third construction stages of the ICE Congress Centre at Rondo Grunwaldzkie. The agreement was signed today in the Municipality of Krakow.

"It is a venue without which it would be difficult to imagine Krakow's cultural and tourist development. Some major clients have already shown their interest in the Centre as a venue for their congresses. Therefore, I hope that the contractor will begin construction as soon as possible and complete it as scheduled," said the Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski while signing the contract for the second stage of construction of the ICE Congress Centre. The Mayor of the City of Krakow stressed that the plan to build the modern facility to host conferences and artistic projects on rondo Grunwaldzkie has existed for over 10 years. "However, the implementation of this investment became feasible only after an architect for the Centre was selected through an international architectural competition in 2007," said Majchrowski. In the years that followed, Krakow was busy procuring the administrative decisions needed for the construction of the venue. Social consultation and archaeological surveys were carried out, and underground infrastructure was prepared.  

Last summer, the Mayor of the City of Krakow and the Marshal of the Malopolska Region signed an agreement on financing the investment under the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013.

By July 2011, the first construction stage of the Centre was completed - that is the 16-meter-deep diaphragm wall, which at the same acts as the outer structural wall of the building and a piece protecting it against groundwater pressure.

The agreement signed today for the implementation of the second and final stages of the Congress Centre's construction is valued at PLN 317, which is over 20 million less than originally expected. The contractor is a tender-selected Polish and Spanish consortium consisting of Warsaw-based Budimex SA and Madrid-based Ferrovial Agroman SA. The agreement envisages that the Centre will be commissioned within 35 months (in Q3 2014). "It's a prestigious project for us. We are ready for implementation and do not expect any construction problems, the more so as the design of the centre is well prepared," said Andrzej Goławski, General Construction Director at Budimex SA for western Poland.

The building, located at rondo Grunwaldzkie with its distinctive glass facade facing Kościół na Skałce (literally, the "Church on the Rock") and Wawel Castle, will be used primarily for hosting conferences and concerts. It will meet the requirements of international conference organisations and have the highest standards of acoustics and show mechanics. The Congress Centre was designed by the team of  K.Ingarden,  J. Ewý Architekci Sp. z o.o. and Arata Isozaki & Associates. "This extremely complex and multi-use project is the result of 2 years of work by over 100 people," explained Krzysztof Ingarden. Collaborators have included the international ARUP group, and representatives of the construction firm Service Project - co-creator of the Japanese Embassy building in Warsaw and the Library of the Pontifical Academy of Theology. The usable floor area of the ICE Congress Centre will be approximately 37,015 m2, including a lecture hall with up to 2,092 seats and a stage, a large hall with 600 seats, a small multi-use hall with 300 seats, a complex of conference halls with areas of about 500 m2, a multi-use exhibition hall with n area of about 400 m2, underground parking for about 350 cars, a complex of rooms related to the foyer, cloakroom and storage-technical and sanitary facilities, as well as culinary and shopping facilities.

The construction process will also involve redevelopment of the road layout in the area of rondo Grunwaldzkie, with nearby unused space put to good use. New streets and a few smaller above-ground car parks and a square for media broadcast vehicles will be developed. A new terminal for buses and microbuses will also be developed, which will replace the old loop at the junction of ul. Monte Carlo and ul. Konopnicka.

The ICE Congress Centre is being intensively promoted at, among other places, leading business tourism fairs in such European cities as London, Brussels, Frankfurt and Barcelona, as well as at international presentations,  such as in Paris this year. Judging by contacts with the sector and talks during industry fairs, we expect that the venue will enjoy great popularity. At the moment, advanced negotiations are being conducted with three major clients (associations' meetings for over 1,000 people) for 2015. Interest in the centre is coming from diverse sectors, including the medical industry.


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