Cracow Fashion Awards 2016 at ICE Kraków

The Cracow Fashion Awards, or the diploma show by students of the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, will take place on the 6th of March at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. The event will begin the 7th edition of Cracow Fashion Week, organised by SAPU in cooperation with the Krakow Festival Office. It looks like it will be an exceptional event, which will run from the 5th to the 12th of March under the motto “Fashion, Art, Education”.

As in previous years, the Cracow Fashion Awards competition will showcase the creativity of SAPU students. We’ll see the projects of several dozen designers who are graduating from the School of Art and Fashion Design, competing for the Grand Prix and the Media Award.

They will be judged by an excellent jury, which will include such fashion personalities as Jerzy Antkowiak, Joanna Przetakiewicz, Małgorzata Sobiczewska, Lidia Popiel, Anna Jatczak, Ranita Sobańska, Ilona Kanclerz, Elwira Rutkowska, Anna Pirowska and Monika Onoszko. The Media council will be made up of valued fashion critics, including Michał Zaczyński, Monika Bielkiewicz, Tobiasz Kujawa, Hanna Gajos, Ewa “Harel” Kowalewska-Kondrat, Olka Kaźmierczak, Ewa Kosz, Agata Mayer or Marcin Dąbrowski.

During the CFA gala at ICE Kraków, on Sunday, the 6th of March at 7 PM, there will also be guest fashion shows. The star of the evening will be Małgorzata Sobiczewska, who will present a collection from her highly rated brand ESTby ES. We will also see designs by previous SAPU graduates – Pat Guzik (winner of the Ecochic Design Award 2015/16 in Hong Kong), Ewelina Kosmal (First Time Entrant Award at the World of WearableArt in New Zealand), Anna Walicka (winner of the Fashion Culture competition) and Michał Wójciak (finalist of the Golden Thread competition). Collections of talented international award-winning designers from abroad will also appear in the programme – we will see designs from Italy, Ukraine and Hungary.

Before the evening gala begins, ICE Kraków will also see a show of premieres. At 12 PM, we’ll see collections by this year’s diploma students from the School of Art and Fashion Design in Krakow. The best of these designs will be shown during the evening’s gala and will compete for prestigious prizes – the Collection of the Year Grand Prix and the Media Award.

Invitations are required for the premiere show and the gala – they can be obtained at the School of Art and Fashion Design, Zamoyskiego 52 (the number of invitations is limited).

The Cracow Fashion Awards will begin the 7th edition of Cracow Fashion Week – the largest fashion event in Krakow and Małopolska. This year’s programme is exceptionally rich, and the events will go on throughout the week. Fashion enthusiasts can attend accompanying shows at the Novotel Centrum and Niebieski hotels.

Exhibitions showing fashion in the context of art also promise to be interesting – “Focus on Fashion: Only One” (a fashion photography exhibition, Plac Szczepański” and “SAPU Creative 1995-2015” (a fashion show including designs by BOHOBOCO, Filip Roth, Anna Pirowska, Elwira Rutkowska and Pat Guzik, at the Museum of Municipal Engineering). At Forum Przestrzenie, there will be an exhibition, “What’s Up” (diploma exposition of graduates of the School of Art and Fashion Design), and “More and More” (exposition of paintings, drawings and photographs by SAPU graduates) in SAPU buildings. There will also be many open lectures by fashion personalities, lectures and workshops.

The most fashionable club in Krakow will be Baroque at Św. Jana Street where the Cracow Fashion Awards will take place.

Participation in the events is free, but registration is required due to the limited number of spaces. More information at: and


Participation in the events is free, but registration is required due to the limited number of spaces. More information at: and


The School of Art and Fashion Design SAPU, (part of the Krakow Schools of Art) is one of the best fashion design schools in Poland, with an international reputation. This is proven by numerous successes – only in 2015, graduates of SAPU won over a dozen international prizes, receiving recognition not only in Poland (the Golden Thread, the Silver Loop, the Fashion Week Poland award), but also in Hong Kong and in New Zealand. Thanks to the work of SAPU and the Cracow Fashion Week, Krakow has become one of the most important fashion design education centres in Poland and has won international recognition in this area.


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