Cracow Fashion Awards Gala in ICE Kraków

The Cracow Fashion Awards Gala, which will be the official opening of the Cracow Fashion Week 2015 (21-29.03.2015), will take place in the new ICE Kraków Congress Centre. The Cracow Fashion Week is organised by the Fashion Design School, the Polish Foundation of Art and Fashion and the Reklamex Fashion Promotion Agency, and partners of the event are the City of Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office.

‘The Congress Centre is undoubtedly a multifunctional building. A perfect example of this will be another event to be held in the beautiful interiors of ICE Kraków - the official gala of Cracow Fashion Awards. Such a big fashion event has never been organised in the Congress Centre before. We are happy that the advantages of ICE Kraków are utilised not only by delegates of international congresses and conferences, but also music lovers, beginning artists, fashion lovers and Krakow inhabitants,' says Izabela Helbin, Director of the Krakow Festival Office – the operator of the Congress Centre.

The co-operation with the Krakow Festival Office and ICE Kraków is opening new possibilities for the Cracow Fashion Week,' says Joanna Gaweł, the director of the Cracow Fashion Week and the Fashion Design School. ‘The beautiful interiors of the building should ensure the exceptional character of our event.'

Cracow Fashion Awards is a contest for young fashion designers – graduates of the Fashion Design School. During the official CFA gala that will take place in the Small Room of ICE Kraków on the 22nd of March 2015, prestigious awards will be granted by a jury consisting of fashion personages. Apart from distinguished designs, we will also see presentations of collections from abroad, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Ukraine and Latvia. 

Apart from that, most recent projects will be presented by recognised Polish designers – graduates of the Fashion Design School (Aneta Zielińska, Anna Pirowska /DRESSAP brand/, Ewelina Kosmal, Anka Letycja Walicka or Maria Mrowca). Joanna Błażejewska-Pecorari, a Polish designer living in Paris, will also show her collection.

‘This edition of the Cracow Fashion Week will include the biggest number of events, because it will be a celebration of 20 years of existence of the Fashion Design School,' says Joanna Gaweł. ‘Our event is to promote young talented designers - not only from Poland, but also from the whole Europe.’

The Cracow Fashion Week will begin on the 21st of March with the Cracow Fashion Awards Premieres show in the Museum of Urban Engineering. During this show, we will see diploma presentations prepared by several young designers graduating from the Fashion Design School. The award-winning designs will be presented one day later during the Cracow Fashion Awards Gala in ICE Kraków. The Cracow Fashion Week will last till the 29th of March in Krakow; during this period, several events will be held, including fashion shows, Focus on Fashion – a contest for fashion photographers, exhibitions, workshops, a conference or Polish tailors’ championships.

Guests of the Cracow Fashion Awards Gala will be recognised fashion personages, including Wojciech Bednarz (main designer of the Vistula brand), Carol Morgan (Central St. Martins London), Jerzy Antkowiak (fashion designer), Michał Zaczyński (fashion critic), Dorota Wróblewska (Sophisti Group), Lidia Popiel (photographer), Tobiasz Kujawa (fashion critic, author of the Freestyle Voguing blog), Harel (fashion critic, author of the Harel blog), Krystyna Mazurówna, Magdalena Korcz and Anna Pięta (HUSH Warsaw), Marcin Dąbrowski (stylist, author of the Mr Dynamo blog), Małgorzata Sobiczewska (fashion designer, est by eS.) and Jerzy Osika (Promedia).

The main organiser of the Cracow Fashion Week is the Fashion Design School, which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its foundation. During the last two decades, the school educated a few generations of Polish designers and is regarded as one of the best Polish educational institutions in this field (alongside the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw). The Fashion Design School is one of the Krakow Schools of Art; other schools from this group include the School of Interior Design and Space, the School of Drama (SPOT) or the School of Creative Photography.

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