DECEMBER AT THE CONSTRUCTION SITE: Works inside the building are going in full flow!

The warm winter is facilitating  the construction of the   ICE Kraków  Congress Centre. Advanced interior works have been initiated in December, involving, among others, the installation of electrical and sanitary systems. Roof panels are also being installed, and flooring is being laid in various rooms.

At the end of the year, advanced works started in the back-up facilities segment of the building. Electrical wiring and drywall constructions have been installed. Plastering works have also begun on all levels of the Centre. Flooring works have been initiated in various rooms: the application of resins, silicone and the positioning of dilatation profiles.

Stage engineering solutions are being implemented and secondary audience construction works are being carried out in the Auditorium Hall, the largest room of the  ICE Kraków Centre. Works have started on the acoustic wall insulation, and the installation of the ventilation, air conditioning and central heating systems continues.  Preparatory construction works for the glass elevation are drawing to a close. The installation of windows on the western, northern and southern faces of the building has been completed, and in December Kalzip-type floor panels were installed over the Auditorium Hall, the Foyer, and the Theatre Hall. Building management system (BMS) implementation works were conducted as well.

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