Examining the safety of facade pane fixing on the foyer of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre

At the beginning of the year, tests were carried out to assess the strength of the glass panes which form elements of the Congress Centre façade if an attempt is made to break them. It was checked whether a pane would fall out if a force exerting a specific load was applied to it. Such tests are made in case of exceptional situations such as vandalism or extreme weather conditions.

The load value was adopted as a combination of a variable load caused by the action of wind and a pressure of a crowd. The value was then recalculated to the pressure that would be exerted on the pane in the above situations. The value of the pressure caused by a 120 km/h wind was defined as the pressure of 1,070 Pa assuming the air's density of 1.27 kg/m3.

The glass façade consists of two layers of glass panes: the outside one and the inside one. To conduct the test, the external pane was broken in a controlled way and then the pressure load on the pane was increased from 300 Pa to 1,070 Pa.

The pane was not destroyed during the test, so in accordance with the FOYER FACADE GLAZING UNIT FIXING SAFETY TEST PROGRAM, the test of the damaged glazing unit (with a broken inside pane) sloping at 12 degrees with a single fusion was successful.

Consequently, in April the fitting of the glass elements of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre commenced.


The fitting of the elevation's glass elements of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre - GALLERY

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