Final Gala of the 2nd edition of the Moda Bez Ograniczeń [Unlimited Fashion] project

Can disabled women be models? How to break stereotypes and make internal changes? And how to reinforce self-esteem and introduce disabled persons into the world of big fashion? Answers to all of these questions can be found during the Final Charity Gala of the Moda Bez Ograniczeń [Unlimited Fashion] project in ICE Kraków. The Krakow Festival Office is a partner of this event.

Moda Bez Ograniczeń is a long-term educational program addressed to disabled persons that helps them to create their own image. Many persons, including the top model Anja Rubik, have engaged in this project.

During the event, which will be a culmination of the seven-month project, an unusual fashion show will take place – women suffering from disability will act as models. On one catwalk, the models will present outfits designed by Gosia Baczyńska, Robert Kupisz, Joanna Klimas, Ewa Minge, Lana Nguyen, Maciej Sieradzky, Blessus, Dream Nation, Tomasz Karcz and Lewanowicz.

The honorary guest of the Final Gala will be Jillian Mercado – a disabled model and a blogger from New York, and the program of the evening will include a recital by Marek Dyjak and an exhibition of paintings by Maggie Piu. The event will be hosted by the journalist Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska. In addition, it will be possible to win a charity auction for the presented outfits.

The partner of the event is the Krakow Festival Office – the operator of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

Organiser: Hippotherapy for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children Foundation

Invitations – gift certificates can be bought HERE

The 18th of April 2015
6.00 p.m.
ICE Kraków
ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17


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