First anniversary of Kinnarps launch

A year has just gone by since the Kinnarps showroom opened at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre on 18 January 2017. The event was attended by the then Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden, HE Inga Eriksson Fogh, and representatives of city authorities and numerous customers, partners and friends.

We took this occasion to ask Marek Gorczyca, Sales Director for the Southern Region, to look back on this year and give us his perspective on the new office and display location.

- When we moved to ICE Krakow, we obviously hoped we would be warmly welcomed by the Krakow community. We didn’t expect that our coworking space and new display concept would attract so many customers and architects, but the turnout exceeded our highest expectations. The showroom’s out-of-the-box location underlines the Kinnarps approach to promoting modern and friendly workspace and its leading market position. Instead of a single typical office and display space, Kinnarps has three ICE Krakow locations with total space of 243 m2. Each serves a different function and has a distinct layout concept.

Did this division pass the test?

- All visitors – our customers, business partners and cooperating companies, even our competitors – are impressed by our offices and their potential. Everyone congratulates us on the concept thanks to which the whole industry, not just the local market, perceives Kinnarps as an innovator. Both our guests and ICE Kraków Congress Centre guests gladly use our space, praise our modern solutions and the Kinnarps approach to office and public space. When planning for last year’s move, we assumed that ICE Krakow, one of Krakow’s most prestigious and characteristic facilities that holds various sectoral conferences, will give Kinnarps access to new customer groups.

How did ICE Krakow deliver on that assumption in the past year? Did your brand really become more recognisable?

- Kinnarps is a respected, well-established brand which has been present in Krakow for 20 years and holds a major market position. We service many local and international companies, and – as we wanted to present our customers with the most recent trends in shaping office space and new workplace development concepts, and inspire change – we sought locations close to business events. The ICE Kraków Congress Centre was the perfect place to put our idea into practice. The Coworking Garden is our most characteristic space which is available to ICE Krakow guests. We designed the Coworking Garden to give conference guests a respite in a friendly setting and improve the whole facility’s functionality and attractiveness.

Do you think that you fulfilled your goals?

- This is a concept with immense marketing impact. Our presence at the ICE and the possibility of reaching out to conference participants helped us become partners to such events as: Expo Fxcuffs – 3rd International Investment Congress, SSC/BPO Aspire Company Sector Congress, Impact’17, 3rd European Local Government Congress, Devoxx Poland, 41st Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Google Developer Days, EDTNA/ERCA International Conference and the National Science Congress. All the events I listed were held under our patronage and attracted a total of more than 25,000 participants! We reached vast numbers of conference participants, and increased our scale. And just to think that ICE holds hundreds of economic and cultural events every year – this means outreach is even bigger. As concerns brand recognizability, moving to ICE Krakow was greatly important to us. The showroom’s main task is to present customers and architects with new office trends and concepts, not ready solutions. However, the Krakow showroom also showcases new practical solutions, new technological developments in space management. NextOffice, i.e. the actual Kinnarps team office, forms an important element of the new showroom as it constitutes an inspiring example of how to arrange an activity-based working office for dynamic companies.

How does the team assess the functionality of their working space?

- First and foremost, the team is happy and proud that it has such a high-class showroom in such a prestigious location. There are some downsides, however. ICE Krakow events increase noise levels, which disturbs our staff who need to concentrate. Despite these drawbacks we believe this investment was successful, mainly in terms of image.

How would you sum up Kinnarps first year at ICE Krakow?

- Changing our Krakow showroom location was aimed at intriguing and inspiring our customers, and giving them access to current trends. We hoped that this innovative idea would be welcomed. After a year, I firmly believe we succeeded. We have a modern Next Office/activity–based working showroom in Krakow’s best recognised location. Our showroom attracts regular customers, architects, real estate market representatives and guests of ICE Krakow events. But this is by no means the end of the road. We have plans for our region.

Could you let us in on those plans?

- I can’t say anything yet, but everything will become clear soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the Kinnarps Krakow showroom at ICE Krakow at ul. M. Konopnickiej 17.

Thank you for this conversation. I wish your southern region team every success and new innovative ideas!


About Kinnarps

Kinnarps is Europe’s leading office furniture producer and one of the very few who do their own designing, manufacturing, delivery and assembly. With 75 years of corporate history, Kinnarps operates on an international level. It offers comprehensive workspace solutions in 40 countries, and it assumes responsibility for the entire sourcing process. The Kinnarps brand rolled out into Poland in the early 1990s. Its headcount exceeds 80 employees who are based in 8 sales offices in Poland’s major cities and who share their expertise with customers.

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