Forex Fair, Piaf! The Show, Wilson, Botti – the whole gamut of events in ICE Kraków!

The ICE Kraków Congress Centre operated by the Krakow Festival Office invites you to attend a number of big events that will soon take place on its premises. ‘Only in the first quarter of its activity was the ICE Kraków Congress Centre visited by over 61,000 persons,’ stresses Izabela Helbin, Director of the KFO. This prestigious building can act as a venue for very diverse events, which allows us to reach many recipients – from business professionals to music lovers, who can listen to their favourite artists in ideal acoustic conditions provided by the Auditorium Room of the Congress Centre. The upcoming events include Absolvent Talent Days, the Career EXPO fair, the Forex – FxCuffs industry conference and many cultural events: Piaf! The Show, Steven Wilson, Al Bano, Garou and Chris Botti! We will soon let you know about further events. Join us and visit ICE Kraków!,’ adds Helbin.

Piaf! The Show in ICE Kraków

Piaf! The Show is a concert that presents the greatest hits of Edith Piaf throughout her artistic career – from the beginning to the biggest successes. The show that will take place on the 5th of March carries spectators to charming streets of the Parisian district Montmartre and the days of La Vie En Rose.

All songs are performed by Anne Carrere – a young and talented singer who has won the hearts of French fans. Germaine Ricord, Piaf’s friend from her early days, said that ‘the voice and personality of Anne Carrere is an incarnation of Edith Piaf from the best years of her career.’ On stage, she will be accompanied by four musicians: a pianist, an accordionist, a contrabassist and a percussionist. This will also be an opportunity to see previously unpublished photographs from Edith Piaf’s life. This exceptional show will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Piaf's birth.

The details of the event are available HERE

FxCuffs conference and fair in ICE Kraków

From the 13th till the 14th of March, the ICE Kraków Conference Centre will be the location of the biggest Forex event in Poland – the FxCuffs conference and fair. During these days, we will welcome excellent industry experts specialising in foreign exchange and currency trading.

On that occasion, Jack Schwager – a trader and writer, the author of interviews with the biggest global traders managing hundreds of milliards of USD, will visit Poland for the first time. Rafał Glinicki will talk about his work, and Paweł Danielewicz will take up the subject of currencies for the first time in his new lecture. The conference is free; upon registration, you can also participate in the Forex fair, where 20 exhibitors will present their offer.

The details of the event are available HERE

Steven Wilson in ICE Kraków

Steven Wilson is currently one of the top music artists merging rock with trip hop and ambitious pop music. A one-man-institution, composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer, who has charmed listeners with his ideas for the past quarter of a century. On the 8th of April, the Auditorium Room of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre will witness one of the only two concerts from the artist’s spring tour in Poland.

Steven Wilson will arrive with songs from his new solo album Hand. Cannot. Erase, which will be released in February 2015. This time these will not be tales of ghosts, the "unknown" and the supernatural, serial killers or pathologies. The latest musical tale of Steven Wilson is based on real events known from the British television. Inspired by the documentary Dreams Of A Life, he tried to find an answer to the question: ‘How can you go unnoticed when you live in the big city?'

The details of the event are available HERE

Chris Botti in ICE Kraków

Chris Botti –the winner of the prestigious Grammy award – will arrive in Poland again; during his autumn concert tour in Poland, he will visit ICE Kraków, too. The concert will take place on the 30th of October in the Auditorium Room – the biggest room of the Congress Centre. During the concert, the American smooth jazz trumpeter will present the most important works from his repertoire so far.

Since the release of the critically acclaimed album When I Fall In Love, Chris Botti has become one of the most strongly appreciated American instrumentalists. As a result of his unceasing popularity, some of his albums became gold and platinum records and four of them topped the jazz music charts. His concert tours encompassing the whole world and his albums being sold in over four million copies, the artist has found his optimum form of creative expression, which begins in jazz music and stretches beyond the borders of an individual genre.

The details of the event are available HERE


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