French magazine praises ICE Kraków!

The May-June issue of the French bi-monthly devoted to the meetings industry, Meet and Travel Mag, devoted a long article about several Polish cities. The authors scour Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow for the best hotels, restaurants, and active leisure areas. A special mention was given to the ICE Krakow congress centre currently under construction in Krakow.

The city is in for a bright future in the meetings industry thanks to the ICE congress centre, whose opening is scheduled for 2015. Located near Wawel Hill and overlooking the Vistula River, ICE Krakow promises designs unheard of so far in Krakow, full of soft lines and waves – writes the Meet and Travel Mag (

Meet And Travel Mag is a prestigious periodical containing recommendations, charts, and event announcements and exploring trends in different parts of the world. It recommends congress centres, seminars, new products, and more.

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