Garou in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre

This artist does not require any introductions. The outstanding GAROU, known and loved by audiences all over the world, will perform in Poland on the 20th anniversary of his artistic work. The charming musician will perform his biggest hits in five cities at the turn of October and November 2018: Zabrze, Warsaw, Wrocław, Krakow and Lublin.

This ever-surprising artist is one of the most charming and charismatic musicians on the French scene. In the late 1990s, GAROU suddenly emerged in the world of music, breaking all of its canons. The sexy voice of the romantic macho made women’s hearts beat faster. Despite that, he sums up his career rather modestly: “I’ve dominated the charts by appearing in the right place at the right time.” His meeting with the famous poet Luc Plamondon, author of Notre Dame de Paris, at a bar in Montreal made the young pick up a guitar. Shortly after, the charm and talent of GAROU brought about the start of his collaborations with Celine Dion and Rene Angelil.

The singer can boast a diverse discography, featuring eight albums and numerous singles, as well as tons of concerts. His first album – Seul – was released in 2000, selling in over 2.5 million of copies in only 11 weeks in France alone! Subsequent albums released by the star: Reviens, Garou, Piece of My Soul, Gentleman Cambrioleur and Version intégrale were released in relatively short intervals. Many tracks became hits like “Seul” and “Gitan.” The brilliant artist recorded “Sous le vent” with Celine Dion – their prolific musical collaboration lasted several years. After this time, GAROU wanted to be artistically “free” and create without any restrictions. He chose his own independent path. In 2012, his sixth album Rhythm and blues reached Gold Status in just a week after its release. The latest album released by the artist – Au milieu de ma vie, features lyrics by multiple talented lyricists, including Jean-Jacques Goldman, Pascal Obispo, Gérald de Palmas.

GAROU is a multi-instrumentalist, guitar, piano, harpsichord and trumpet virtuoso. The artist received numerous awards from the music industry, including “World Music Awards” and “Le Félix – Révélation au Québec.” His approach to composing songs is similar to his life – he constantly changes genres, passions and breaks barriers. The artist’s voice, appearance and uniqueness attract audiences all over the world like a magnet. He gets invited to join the cast of the most popular TV programmes such as the French and Canadian editions of The Voice, where he appeared as a coach. He recently took part in Destination Eurovision 2018 and ran his own project Gare à Garou. The musician is full of new ideas for music and other projects.

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