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In cooperation with Gazeta Magnetofonowa, the Krakow Festival Office will award 2017’s best musical records. The GaMa Award ceremony and accompanying concerts will be held on 7 March at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

Does Poland’s phonographic industry need another prize? Certainly! The more opportunities to discuss, recall and listen to music, the better! This quote from the most recent Gazeta Magnetofonowa issue (available at POS and online at sheds some light on this process:

-In the midst of a sum-up craze, we are preparing for the first GaMa Awards. This year saw many great, important and original albums. We’ll try to pick the best one. We don’t break music down into genres, categories, groups and generations. We give equal attention to veterans and newcomers, soloists and bands, women and men. We don’t sit around and wait for submissions. We’re always on the lookout, on the brink of a new discovery – we seek out, test and take delight in music.

January will see the publication of 20 nominees at, i.e. the albums internally short-listed by Gazeta Magnetofonowa authors and partners. That’s when the composition of the jury will be announced as well. Formed of the magazine’s editorial staff and other members, this team will select the 2017 Album of the Year. Obviously, Gazeta Magnetofonowa readers will also have a say – their votes will go to the Audience Award winner.

Together with Gazeta Magnetofonowa, we invite you to the GaMa Award ceremony and accompanying concerts, which will be held on 7 March at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

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