Grupa MoCarta and Friends in March in ICE Kraków!

The concert "Grupa MoCarta and Friends” was conceived so as  the audience could enjoy a cheerful mood and good feelings emanating from the stage. Every artist will perform favourite pieces from his repertoire during the concert, some of them in quartet. Grupa MoCarta will also play its best pieces.  All of that in a  friendly atmosphere. -- the group’s brand mark.

Grupa MoCarta was created in the mid-1990s and is still very active in concerts in Poland and abroad.

We can ask why the have survived so long? Many artists who had success in the 1990s left the stage long ago, some try to come back. Legendary group Ich Troje can serve as an example here...

Grupa MoCarta owes its longevity to two elements: its faithful audience and artistic friendships.  From the very beginning the quartet has eagerly cooperated with many other artists. Joint concerts, hours of talks during rehearsals, in the van or the dressing room have sealed their relations and turned into friendships. 

Ireneusz Krosny, the mime with whom Grupa MoCarta has appeared for years, is not only their stage partner but  is also their teacher of the art of cabaret.

Artur Andrus, whom the musicians always gladly accompany, supports the quartet, proving that there is a numerous audience that appreciates their genre. 

Piotr Bałtroczyk, the legendary master of ceremonies, tries to hide how much he likes  Grupa behind sarcastic comments.

Zbigniew Zamachowski, an actor of many talents, invited

Grupa MoCarta to the theatre for joint music-making. 
Włodzimierz Korcz, Joanna Kołaczkowska, Monika Dryl, Adam Sztaba, Piotr Bukartyk... it impossible to list all friends of the quartet. 

Grupa MoCarta and Friends
04.03.2018 , 18.00
Ticket prices: PLN 150 , 130., 110, 90, 70.
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