Here they are! Watch the reports from inaugural concerts and open days at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre

Here they are! Watch the long-awaited reports from inaugural concerts ad open doors at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre! 

This concert blew me away! This was a total multimedia experience, with the music, the choir and the light, the production was just perfect! - said Rob Davidson, a renowned expert in the meetings industry who participated in the ICE Kraków Congress centre’s inaugural events on 16 - 19 October.

The opening of the Congress Centre is a milestone in the city’s development. Thanks to it Krakow will become a genuine business centre – the place for the dialogue of experts in various industries and the world of culture and science. The ICE Kraków will be the venue for the largest conventions and the most spectacular cultural and social events. The inaugural concerts on 16 and 17 October featured the composition by one of the most outstanding Polish contemporary composers - Zbigniew Preisner Here and Now. 2014, to the poetry by the aprominent Polish female poet - Ewa Lipska.

Inauguration of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre
16 and 17 October 2014
Concert “2014. Here and Now”
Music: Zbigniew Preisner
Poems: Ewa Lipska
Stage design: Boris Kudlička
Production: Krakow Festival Office

Other events at the inauguration of ICE Kraków included open door events on 18 and 19 October, when the residents of Krakow had the opportunity to visit the centre and see the places which are usually unavailable to the public. Visitors to ICE Kraków saw the functional layout of the rooms, technical details and equipment, and learned how the name and the logo of the Congress Centre were created.

The special event accompanying the first of the two open door days on Saturday 18 October was the lecture given by the ICE Kraków Congress Centre’s designers: Krzysztof Ingarden and Jacek Ewý of Ingarden & Ewý Architects. They talked about the concept of the building and the architectural solutions applied. During the meeting, the audience learned about the competition in which the winning design was selected and the cooperation between the firm Arata Isozaki & Associates on the centre’s design. A day later, on Sunday 19 October, visitors participated in the meeting with Jan Mela, a traveller and president of the Poza Horyzonty Foundation, coorganised by the Consulting and Management Institute and the Krakow Festival Office.

Open Doors at ICE Kraków Congress Centre
18 and 19 October 2014

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