ICCA Report: Poland climbing the ICCA ranking!

In the newest statistics published by the ICCA Poland, having 170 documented association meetings, was ranked 23th. This is an increase of 20 meetings and 2 places compared to the previous year.

The ICCA is the largest association dealing with research on the size of the meetings industry in the context of association meetings. The ICCA publication is the most popular and valued report showing the size of the market. It is not only a stimuli for development of destinations, but also a decisive factor in selecting the place of meeting. We believe that due to this year's result more and more meetings will be organised in Poland and in subsequent years we will be ranked even higher.

The ICCA prepares its ranking on the basis of collected data pertaining to association meetings, which:

  • are recurrent;
  • gather at least 50 participants;
  • migrate between at least 3 countries.

Polish cities included in the ranking are:

  • Warsaw – 65 meetings;
  • Kraków – 32 meetings;
  • Gdańsk – 17 meetings;
  • Wrocław – 13 meetings;
  • Poznań – 10 meetings.


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