ICE Kraków awarded by Skyscrapercity Forum

The Internet forum is a popular place for discussions by lovers of beautiful architecture, with nearly 90 thousand users. Every new building that appears on the forum is graded on a 10-point scale. After tallying the votes, a ranking is published annually (this year’s is the 11th). This year (July 2014 – July 2015), the flagship Krakow investment – ICE Kraków Congress Centre – appears in the ranking.

Designed by the studio Ingarden & Ewý, the ICE Kraków Congress Centre was appreciated for its beautiful structure and exceptional functionality. Particular care has been taken with the acoustics in the individual halls – the Congress Centre was designed in such a way that a concert, show or conference can take place simultaneously in every hall. ICE Kraków (International Conferences and Entertainment), as the name implies, was created primarily as a venue for congresses, conferences and large events. It is also the location of many concerts.

Honoured in the ranking are also such buildings as the Shakespearean Theatre in Gdańsk or Arena Lublin, as well as a Krakow commercial investment – the office complex Kapelanka 42. The winner of the ranking and the title of Miss Polish Architecture was Cricoteka – the Tadeusz Kantor Museum, also in Krakow.


For a full list of the facilities in the ranking, click HERE



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