ICE Kraków grows rapidly


Throughout March, construction works above the “0” level were carried out in all segments of the facility. In the back-up rooms segment and in the Large Hall, walls, pillars, beams and ceilings were constructed up to and above level +3. At the same time, the steel structure in the back-up rooms segment is under construction above level +3, a ceiling has been made at level +4 and the installation of the steel structure between the Large Hall and the Auditorium has been continued.

In the Theatre Hall grates over the audience have been installed In the Auditorium, walls and reinforced concrete plate structures were constructed up to level +3.

In the Foyer, Steel frames assembly has been carried out up to level +3; the steel structure for this segment was also installed (levels from 0 to +3). The walls are under construction at level -1, electrical systems are being installed at levels -1 and -2. the construction of systems of water supply and hydrant system has been started, as well as sanitary installations, ventilation and air-conditioning.

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