ICE Kraków in prestigious Leisure + Travel magazine

Krakow, Paris and New York are reeled off in one go by Travel + Leisure. One of the most prestigious magazines devoted to tourism and travel has placed the ICE Kraków Congress centre on the list of the most interesting new tourist attractions, a 2015 must-see!

The creators of his year’s list, point out at the Centre’s architecture and functionality, not forgetting about its historical context. According to the magazine, the Congress Centre in Kraków, opened in October 2014, testifies to the revival of Polish culture which during the Second World War and under communist rule was unable to develop freely. Travel + Leisure expects the revival of Poland’s rich heritage and culture, which is evidenced by the world-class facilities now emerging.

It is yet another magazine of international outreach to have published information about ICE Kraków. After the “The New York Times” and ”The Huffington Post”coverage, the renowned “Travel + Leisure” noticed the ICE Kraków (International Conferences & Entertainment) Congress Centre - says Izabela Helbin, Director of the Krakow Festival Office - the operator of ICE Kraków. Organisers of congresses and cultural events have already trusted the Congress Centre where nearly 40 events have been held within 3 months of its operation. I believe it’s a perfect recommendation to all guests who intend to visit Krakow – adds Director Helbin.

On the list of sites to visit in the coming year, the ICE Kraków Congress Centre neighbours with such tourist ”greats" as the Tour Eiffel or the London’s Tower Bridge, the latter attracting the tourists with its new terraces and glazed floors. Noteworthy also are Markthal in Rotterdam, called “the world’s funkiest covered market”, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights or the Fondation Louis Vuitton In Paris.

The ICE Kraków Congress Centre is a modern facility up to the highest standards, suitable for the meetings industry events – conventions, conferences, business meetings and exhibitions, as well as a variety of cultural events, such as concerts, theatre and ballet performances. Its fantastic location, glazed foyer overlooking the Wawel Castle, and the organic design are but a few assets that make the Congress Centre a must-see in 2014.

Travel + Leisure is an American monthly devoted to tourism and leisure, published since 1937. Its annual issue reaches almost 5 million copies. Alongside professional travellers and tourist industry specialists, writers, poets, artists, fashion designers and architects are contributors to the magazine.

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