ICE Krakow’s representative at the training program in Brussels

The 7th edition of The AIPC Academy Professional Development Program will begin on Sunday in Brussels. This is an annual training program addressed to medium-level congress centre employees. It will also be attended by ICE Krakow’s representative, who has received the AIPC Academy Scholarship established by IMEX company for this purpose.

He was selected from a large group of applicants on the basis of criteria such as the evaluation of the candidate's potential for the promotion of his centre through the AIPC association and the future profits that the given centre may earn thanks to its participation in The AIPC Academy Professional Development Program. In the justification of the decision to grant the scholarship to ICE Krakow's representative, the association emphasised ‘the candidate’s visible enthusiasm expressed in the application and his will to improve his qualifications and broaden his specialist industry knowledge’.

AIPC is an international association of congress centres from around the world. Its primary goal is to support and improve conference centre management methods and to deliver tools that help to achieve high standards through specialised research, training programs and networking. ICE Krakow is also a member of the AIPC.


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