Jazz and poetry. Musical experiments during the Miłosz Festival in ICE Kraków

On the 12th of June, the Miłosz Festival will be concluded with the Jazzformance concert – a musical performance in which jazz will bring poems by Witold Wirpsza to life. During this exceptional evening, musicians Marcin and Bartłomiej Oleś and Piotr Orzechowski and the actor Radosław Krzyżowski will perform.

The poetic journey during the 5th Miłosz Festival will culminate in the final concert “Jazzformance” in ICE Kraków. “Jazzformance” is the result of co-operation of five outstanding stage personalities: Radosław Krzyżowski (idea / voice), Bartłomiej Oleś (percussion), Marcin Oleś (double bass), Piotr Orzechowski „Pianohooligan” (Fender piano), Dawid Kozłowski „Davideo” (video projections), inspired by Witold Wirpsza’s poetry (‘Cząstkowa próba o człowieku’ [A Partial Sample of Human Being], ‘Agregaty’ [Power Generation Units]). It is another project of the Krakow City of Literature Foundation – a co-organiser of the Miłosz Festival. Jazzformance creates a new form of performance, which meets both requirements of contemporary poetry and modern sensitivity. The voice of the actor reciting poems by Witold Wirpsza creates another melodic line of the performance, and the poet’s linguistic experiments become an inspiration for jazz musicians, whose virtuoso performance is based on improvisation and the game of associations. The choice of Wirpsza’s texts by young musicians proves that his poetry is deeply embedded in contemporary contexts and is a tribute to the poet who engaged in artistic polemics with Miłosz and Herbert.

The concert will take place as a part of the 5th Miłosz Festival organised by the City of Krakow, the Krakow Festival Office and the City of Literature Foundation.

Tickets to the Jazzformance concert will be available for purchase from the 13th of May, 10 a.m., in seven InfoKraków points located at ul. Powiśle 11, in ICE Kraków, ul. Konopnickiej 17, in Sukiennice, at ul. Józefa 7, in the Wyspiański Pavilion, at ul. Szpitalna 25, at ul. Św. Jana 2 and at www.eventim.pl. The price of one ticket is 25 PLN.



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