Justyna Steczkowska with the Gypsy Orchestra

JUSTYNA STECZKOWSKA with the GYPSY ORCHESTRA is setting out on an unusual concert tour. An incredible portion of huge energy generated by strong musical personalities! In front of the audience, Justyna will transform into a Gypsy femme fatale who will take you to a magical village of Roma sounds and colours.

Over 20 persons on stage, the incredible voice, the play of light, a wild dance and fantastic scenography will move you to the world of endless fun and music!

Tickets will be available at prices of 150 PLN (VIP), 130 PLN, 110 PLN, 90 PLN, 70 PLN in:
- EMPiK shops
- www.eventim.pl
- biletyna.pl



Justyna Steczkowska – the shaman of the Polish music scene. A remarkable and universally gifted artist – until now, she has proved her talent as a vocalist, violinist, composer, lyricist, actress and photographer.

She is one of the few Polish female vocalists with a 4-octave vocal range. She has earned great recognition in the music industry thanks to her incredible talent and has won the hearts of millions of Poles with her artistic output, charisma and unique style. She has received many music awards and distinctions, including 6 Fryderyk awards, 2 Wiktor awards, Gala’s Rose and Bursztynowy Słowik [Amber Nightingale] award at Sopot Festival. She has recorded 14 studio albums, 300 songs and 40 video clips, has appeared on over 100 magazine covers and has given a few thousand concerts.

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