Kaczmarczyk vs Paderewski – "Tatra".

The event at ICE Kraków will be Pawel Kaczmarczyk’s first concert, promoting his upcoming album entitled Kaczmarczyk vs Paderewski – "Tatra". The album will be released in November and will contain six tracks inspired by Album Tatrzańskie by Ignacy Jan Paderewski. In 1884, this great artist and statesman reinterpreted highlander songs, and 134 years later, this work will be "translated" into the musical language of Paweł Kaczmarczyk, who combines folk, classical and jazz.

A jazz trio, orchestra and DJ will take part in the recording and a similar line-up will be heard in Krakow on the 11th of November. Apart from Paweł Kaczmarczyk himself at the piano, the concert will also feature Michał Barański (double bass), Tomasz Torres (percussion), Mr. Krime on the gramophones, and one of the leading Polish symphonic groups of the young generation – the Beethoven Academy Orchestra – under the baton of Łukasz Wódecki-Meyger. It will be a huge musical spectacle!

Tatra will be my sixth album, but the first one to be recorded with such grandeur,” says Paweł Kaczmarczyk. “We intend to bring this grandeur to the ICE Kraków stage in order to move the audience as much as possible. I am convinced that after this concert many listeners will look at highlander songs and at Paderewski in a different way.”

Kaczmarczyk is a Krakow pianist and composer with two Fryderyk nominations, Gazeta Wyborcza and Radio Trójka awards, as well as numerous titles of artist and album of the year.
 He plays concerts regularly all around the world and his name is often mentioned by foreign media. He does not like to divide music into strict categories, because his work is supposed to elude unambiguous terms.

It was not a coincidence that Paweł Kaczmarczyk took up the work of I.J. Paderewski in the year of the centenary of Poland’s independence. Born in 1860, the artist was not only one of the most eminent pianists of his time, but also a key figure in the process of regaining sovereignty after World War I. It was his efforts that led to the inclusion of the postulate for the creation of an independent Poland among Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points. Paderewski’s arrival in Poznań in 1918 provided an impulse for the outbreak of the Wielkopolska Uprising, which resulted in the majority of the Prussian partition territories becoming part of a reborn Poland. Soon after, Paderewski took up the function of Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Until the end of his days, he served Polish affairs in various ways, at the same time preserving his deserved status as an icon of world culture. In his descendants’ memories, he is forever enshrined as a virtuoso of music, an advocate of Polishness, an outstanding politician and philanthropist.

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