Krakow Closer to Silesia


In the Senator’s Hall at the Royal Castle, members of Malopolska and Silesia regional councils adopted a declaration entitled Strategia dla rozwoju Polski południowej w obszarze województw małopolskiego i śląskiego do roku 2020 [Strategy for the Development of Southern Poland within the Malopolska and Silesia Provinces until 2020]. From the perspective of congress industry, the most important part of the document, which has been developed for the last three years, concerns the improvement of rail and automobile transportation between Krakow and Silesia, as well as major changes into communication to and from the airports.

The modernization of the railway connection is one of the major steps needed to be taken in order to improve the competitiveness of the region. Travel time on the Kraków – Katowice line (80 km) is only an hour shorter than to Warsaw (300 km). This is going to change by 2020 thanks to the cooperation and investments. Creating a direct connection between the Katowice Pyrzowice airport and Krakow is as important as the above-mentioned modernization. If these actions are combined with improving the standard of national road no. 94 to the requirements of express or GP roads (Kraków –Olkusz – Sławków –Dąbrowa-Górnicza – Bytom), a significant improvement of transportation within the region may be expected, which is especially important for the organisation of both national and international congresses.

The text of Strategia dla Rozwoju Polski Południowej w obszarze województw małopolskiego i śląskiego do roku 2020 has been being developed since autumn of 2010 to the spring of 2013. During the works on Strategia, representatives of local self-governments, enterprises, social organizations and a wide range of experts participated in workshops and consultations which took place in both regions.

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