Krakow Paediatric Autumn 2017

The practitioner-oriented and unconventional programme, extending beyond textbook formulas, was developed as a response to expectations articulated in questionnaires filled out by participants of earlier conferences, as well as suggestions sent to the editors of ‘Medical Practice – Paediatrics’ by readers and reviewers. As always, there will be controversy and heated discussion around topics generating emotions. The organizers want to solve problems facing practicing doctors, rather than replicate academic manuals, which serve as aids for ‘passing’ yet more exams. The Medical Practice conference is dedicated to those doctors, who want to get the highest marks in the most important of tests – help for their patients through competence, and new and effective solutions. As we know, life is full of surprises.


The Krakow Paediatric Autumn 2016 – 15th National Training Conference.

22 & 23 September

ICE Kraków

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