Holland Baroque won a world renown for its unique, fresh look at historical music and its fine sound. The ensemble’s concerts emanate unique energy resulting from the inspiring relations between the artists and the ensemble’s special commitment to music it performs.

Możdżer and Holland Baroque Society, i.e. Bach foundations and jazz temperament have surprisingly a lot of things in common, and a new, specially written repertoire is the next step of a consistently pursued artistic vision crossing the borders between classical music and jazz.

Lessen about his cooperation with Holland Baroque - "here all of the sudden I found myself in the middle of people who are much like me. The people who really pursue beauty and truly love music. During the rehearsals it turned out that every sound was important, every second of the composition unfolded to us casting the outbursts of natural joy. We discussed every detail, to later perform it differently anyway. The primeval magic of music prompted one solution after another so suggestively, that discussion soon turned out useless. We simply played and smiled, smiled and played once again. The flow of music carried us away, ideas sprang up all of the sudden, somehow obvious, and joy became an integral part of the composition.”

Tickets are on sale via http://kupbilet.pl/leszekmozdzerkrakow.

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