Let’s talk about culture in ICE Kraków!

Two days filled with panels, workshops and lectures with specialists in culture marketing, sponsoring, PR and management – all of that in October (4th -5th) at the Dźwigacze Kultury conference organised by the Krakow Festival Office.

The Krakow Festival Office celebrating this year its 20th anniversary invited cultural institutions, event agencies and businesses to participate in the conference. The idea of a two-day conference is that of a meeting of people who, in various aspects and at various levels, are involved in organising cultural events or supporting the event partners. ”We wish to address managers, animators, business and partners – the people who create culture and those who support it – to share our experience with them and encourage them to share their experience with us” – says Magdalena Łukasik, Deputy Director for Marketing at the Krakow Festival Office.

New trends in culture

Planned events on the programme include audience development workshops, a debate on revitalisation through art, panels devoted to creative industries, business in culture and the idea of a smart city. We will also talk about trends and changes in culture, about who a contemporary participant in culture is and how his/her attitudes change, the city as a cultural ecosystem and the security of the audience and residents during large events.

Full programme of the conference: www.dzwigaczekultury.pl.

Registration starts off on www.dzwigaczekultury.pl. You are welcome to register!

Event Partner: THINKTANK

Technology Partner: DEPLOY

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