How do you write an application, find a sponsor, create a brand?

How do you build a narrative and attract the media? How do you create a new festival? We will talk about the culture stretched between dream and budget, but also connecting territories and environment during October the Dźwigacze Kultury 2018 conference.

Last year’s Atlas of Culture conference was organized on the twentieth anniversary of the Krakow Festival Office. This year’s second edition is a time of change: we are turning over the programme, the space for debates and workshops to cultural institutions and entities supporting culture, from all over Poland and other European countries. This time we will focus on the multifaceted character of contemporary culture, from events organized in small towns to the international dimension. If projects from big cities are included, it is as a source of inspiration. We will learn, among other things, how the implementation of long-term cultural programmes and strategies can affect the well-being of inhabitants and our immediate surroundings, and we will draw attention to the less visible aspects of organising events in everyday media life.

Community, participation, building – these are the postulates that were clearly emphasized in last year’s Trendbook, which was created in cooperation with ThinkTank as a result and summary of the proceedings of the first Dźwigacze Kultury conference . At the request of the participants and speakers, these issues will be present in the panels and lectures of 2018. "Culture of inclusion", "Culture is a woman" and "Culture without barriers" are just some of the topics that touch upon this problem.

Our invitation to participate in the conference was accepted, among others, by Prof. Piotr Sztompka, who will deliver this year’s inaugural lecture: Culture as the foundation of the community;

Sandeep Mahal, UNESCO City of Literature coordinator; Alicja Moszyńska, business consultant; and Spanish art collector and advertising authority, Luis Bassat.

During the conference we will research, diagnose – but also get to know and learn. That is why this year we are focusing on workshops: how do you write an application for a grant, find a sponsor, create a brand? How do you build a proper narrative and attract nationwide media to events with a local dimension? How do you create a significant festival in a small town or even in the wilderness? We are moving away from the perspective of "strong players": it is worth noting that culture is also a huge and often underestimated effort, made "far from the road", thanks to the commitment, but also the skills of a group of enthusiasts.

These are just some of the themes that will appear during the two days of the conference, the programme of which also includes accompanying events, such as literary walks and an evening meeting in a perfect Krakow atmosphere. Does culture constantly connect us? Let’s see for ourselves!


The full programme of the conference will soon be available at: www.dzwigaczekultury.pl.


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