Lizz Wright in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre

Beautiful, sensual and endowed with an extraordinary dark alto – no one can combine jazz, gospel and spirituals with blues from the Mississippi Delta quite like her. The world-famous vocalist Lizz Wright will perform during the Jazz Chilli Days organised by ChilliZet.

She will be accompanied by Martin Kolarides (guitar), Bobby Sparks (keyboards), Nicholas D’Amato (bass) and Brannen Temple (drums).

Lizz Wright was born in the American South, in the small Georgia town of Hahira. She was immersed in gospel and spirituals from childhood, learning the black tradition of the South under the guidance of her father who was a minister. Already as a little girl, she started to sing gospel music and play the piano in church; at that time, she also became interested in blues and jazz. After leaving her home town, she studied singing at the Georgia State University where she became acquainted with R’n’B, rock and pop. Using all these elements, Lizz created her own musical language, which is original, feminine and intoxicating just like the hot and humid air of the Mississippi Delta.

She was never in doubt about her talent and charisma. Her first concert tour, which took place in 2002, was designed as a tribute to Billie Holiday – a great diva who was able, like no one else, to express her identity as an artist who struggled with the discrimination targeted against African Americans. In her artistic life, Lizz chose Holiday as her patron. Just like Holiday, she collaborated with great jazz musicians: on her first albums Salt (2003) and Dreaming Wide Awake (2005), she was supported by, among others, saxophonist Chris Potter, pianist Danilo Perez, guitarist Bill Frisell and drummer Brian Blade. On her third album The Orchard, she clearly steered towards R’n’B, but in her own peculiar way. Despite the fact that the album included a cover of a song by Tina and Ike Turner and even Thank You from Led Zeppelin’s repertoire, her music was closer to genuine blues, performed by an artist who was still young but already very mature. On her subsequent albums, Lizz returned to her past in the American South. She interpreted traditional gospel and spirituals songs, adding a pinch of jazz, blues, folk and rhythm and some blues madness to the mix.

During her concerts in Wrocław and Kraków, listeners will hear songs from Lizz’s Grace album (2017), which traditionally includes pieces from the rich songbook of gospel and New Orleans blues, Ray Charles’s What Would I Do Without You and the Stars Fell on Alabama standard. Those who know Lizz’s earlier albums will also be glad to hear songs such as Hit The Ground or Salt.

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