Mariza returns with a new album – Mundo, which will premiere in October 2015. The record is produced by Javier Limón (winner of multiple Grammys, producer of one of Mariza’s latest records – Terra from 2008). Mariza is considered to be the biggest star of fado, Portugal’s national treasure. Her voice is described with words like “magical”, “diamond” and “magnetic”, while her popularity can be compared to the most famous opera divas and mega-stars of pop and rock. The concert will be held on the 17th of April at 7 PM.

Over the 12 years of her musical career, Mariza went from a local phenomenon known to a small group of fado enthusiasts in Lisbon to one of the best known and valued world music stars. Since the great Amalia Rodrigues, no Portugal artist has been as successful on an international scale as Mariza. The artist has released five albums (Fado em Mim, Fado Curvo, Transparente, Terra, Fado Tradicional), won a series of awards, including the Latin Grammy in 2007, and has worked with the best musicians and producers, including Jacques Morelenbaum, Miguel Poveda, Gilberto Gil, Ivan Lins, Lenny Kravitz, Cesária Évora, Tito Paris as well as Carlos do Carmo and Sting, with whom she performed the Olympic anthem, “A Thousand Years”, in Athens in 2004. Her repertoire is primarily traditional and contemporary interpretations of fado, but the vocalist also reaches for the morna of Cape Verde and blues standards. In the last 12 years, Mariza has come a long way since an appearance on the world music stage to shows played in the biggest concert halls in the world (the Olympia in Paris, the London Royal Festival Hall, the Sydney Opera, or Carnegie Hall in New York). She has proven that she is a world-class artist of incredible talent, who has a lot to offer. The young woman from Mozambique, raised in the famous Mouraria district in Lisbon, has reached deep into the musical roots of her country and has become an artist who crosses the boundaries of world music, while at the same time maintaining her national identity and Portuguese sensitivity.

ICE Kraków
Marii Konopnickiej 17
17 April 2016
7 PM

The concert partners are the Krakow Festival Office and the ICE Kraków Congress Centre

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