Mela Koteluk – Zmienne tętno at ICE Kraków

Two years after the release of the album Migracje, which went platinum in less than a month, Mela Koteluk is starting the Zmienne tętno series of concerts. The tour title comes from a skit on the Migracje record. “This short fragment between songs set the new direction of my artistic search”, says Mela Koteluk. “There is a certain perversity in it. The irregular heart beat motivates you to look for the antidote for the tumultuous reality. You can find a new strength in music for better understanding of reality on many levels, often subconscious”.
The concert, enriched with carefully crafted visuals, will be held at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, with an outstanding acoustic and aesthetic potential. The mirrored elements of the rosette-shaped set design resemble a portal and are a promise of transition into another dimension, full of mindfulness and kindness – in my opinion, things that are lacking in the world. The new arrangements will be a mirror image, and at the same time a deconstruction of the previously known versions of the songs”, said Mela Koteluk. 
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Tickets costing 59 PLN (zone D), 79 PLN (zone C), 89 PLN (zone B) and 99 PL N (zone A) are available at:,,,, as well as Empik, Media Markt, Saturn and Media Expert stores.

MELA KOTELUK zmienne tętno

12 December 2016, 8.00 p.m.




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